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Within our premises at Astley Ainslie Hospital, we offer a wide range of therapeutic and rehabilitative activities that we provide in our well-equipped gymnasium and large recreational hall.

Please note that daily fees  apply to the day service.  To enquire further about fees, please call us on 0131 537 9116

To make a referral to our day support service, please click here for information and here to download the referral form. 


Arts & Crafts Group

This kind of activity provides the opportunity to improve motor skills and concentration in a creative environment.It also prompts the use of cognitive processes such as evaluating, using judgement and comprehending and following instructions.

Art & Craft

 Therapeutic Art 1:1 Sessions

Therapeutic recreation creates a safe and supportive environment to facilitate the process of making art which has benefits such as relaxation and a sense of achievement, as well as offering non-verbal communication opportunities. It can also help participants to enjoy and try something new in the hope that it will reflect on more aspects of their lives. Decision making, focus, motor skills and attention are cognitive processes that will be used during activities of this sort.



Daily, gentle and monitored exercise will increase strength, flexibility and mobility. Exercise will also improve self-confidence and self-esteem, increase cardiovascular capacity, improve motor control and help balance. Our fully qualified gym instructor will assess and develop personal support plans and monitor progress and goals.


Tai Chi

A gentle form of exercise, accessible to all ages and abilities. The smooth gentle movements and relaxation help to promote a calm and focused mind and can also increase flexibility, suppleness and improve muscle tone. Concentrating and following the routine and movements will also utilise cognitive processes such as maintaining attention and memory.

Tai Chi


Music is a medium accessible to most people in some form, and can complement non-verbal communication techniques. This is an easy and enjoyable way to practise listening, verbal and memory skills. When playing music, it will require concentration and improve manual dexterity.


Complimentary Therapies

We offer popular reflexology treatments delivered by our qualified volunteer. These sessions are aimed at balancing the body’s main systems and creating enhanced relaxation and calm. A comforting and nourishing therapy which can promote general well-being. We are always on the lookout for more qualified volunteers to offer a range of alternate therapies which will allow us to widen our delivery of these popular treatment sessions.



This group promotes healthy eating, nutrition and cooking skills. The number of processes involved in cooking is extensive. These include using motor skills, planning and prioritising, following instructions and maintaining a high level concentration. As well as making healthy eating and nutrition accessible, cooking is an important independent living skill. The group use the kitchen facilities within the Occupational Therapy department.

Cooking group


Bingo has been proven to aid memory. It also requires high levels of concentration, precision, quick response and the ability to read and comprehend numbers. As well as requiring extensive cognitive processes bingo allows the practise of fine motor skills.


Daily Quiz

Quizzes can improve memory, knowledge and recall as well as literacy and comprehension skills. It relies heavily on teamwork which encourages basic social skills, including listening and respecting other peoples input.

Daily quiz

Kindle Group

The kindles are a valuable addition to our services. It helps  our members use applications which will aid their cognitive abilities.


Walking Group

We encourage and engage members to improve and maintain physical condition and mobility through participating in a weekly walking activity. The walking group is supported by a team of volunteers who will be recruited and trained to support our members.  We will actively seek members of different ages and backgrounds and those who are also interested in increasing their levels of fitness by developing the habit of regularly walking.Being outside can help maintain a good level of mental health, especially for those who struggle with orientation and therefore are not able to regularly walk outside.

Walking group

Jewellery Making Group

Threading beads onto string requires a massive level of concentration and is demanding of fine motor skills. Choosing and planning beads and jewellery designs uses cognitive processes such as decision making and organisation.The  participants in the group have crafted many stunning pieces of jewellery, some of them being bought for gifts for friends and family by other members.

Jewellery group

Study Group

This group provides a stimulating and social environment to keep minds active and interested in a wide range of topics. Actively practising cognitive skills and processes allows people to monitor their progress. In memory, literacy and comprehension games, many processes are tested. These include recall, concentration, knowledge and problem solving.

Study Group


An upbeat form of exercise which encourages motor control, strength building and improved mobility. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, Zumba requires participants to follow instruction, focus and maintain attention and remember routines.

Zumba for everyone

Peer Support

A very important part of rehabilitation is the support that we can offer and share with peers. Social interaction requires awareness of disinhibitions and resulting appropriate behaviour. It challenges apathy and encourages respect. 


In between these activities our team of staff and volunteers are always on hand to initiate and facilitate small group activities which focus on improving various skills such as cognitive ability, memory, reminiscence, fine motor skills and concentration




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